Review: A bit of a do

A bit of a do is a bit of okay. There, I said it. And now I don't really know what to say next. This book has a great premise. A cast of characters who's lives are revealed through a series of 'do's - weddings, fundraisers etc. Each new episode revealing more of what has … Continue reading Review: A bit of a do

Adaptation Review: Seventh Son

No. No. No. Oh dear God no. I thought I had seen bad adaptations. I thought I had seen the worst of the worst. I was wrong. THIS DOESN'T EVEN TRY AND FOLLOW THE PLOT. THIS DOESN'T EVEN TRY AND STAY TRUE TO THE CHARACTERS. THIS DOESN'T EVEN TRY AND KEEP THE ATMOSPHERE OF THE … Continue reading Adaptation Review: Seventh Son

Review: Swimming Sideways

Title: Swimming Sideways Author: C L Walters Genre: Contemporary YA Rating: 4/5 I have followed Cami on Instagram now for a while, and have been thoroughly impressed with the content that she is putting out there. At the moment she is even sharing snippets of her current WIP, and I am eager to read the … Continue reading Review: Swimming Sideways